Joplin version 1.0.142

Here is a new release that fixes several issues and add new functionalities

  • New: Allow toggling markdown plugins and added several new plugins (#1347)

  • New: Added Goto Anything dialog (Ctrl+P or Cmd+P)

  • Improved: macOS: make the menu more like a macOS menu (#1348)

  • Improved search - when clearing search, stay on current item. When clicking on notebook name, jump to note within notebook. Improved toolbar layout.

  • Fixed: The side bar was being refreshed too frequently.

  • Fixed: Order of notebooks with sub-notebooks was sometimes incorrect when sorting

  • Fixes #1334 (maybe): Upgraded chokidar which it seems was randomly making Electron 4 crash (maybe due to fsevent package)

  • Fixes #1329: Could not edit created and updated time anymore

  • Fixes #1326: Restored inline code styling

  • Fixes #1325: Fixed nested checkbox indentation

  • fix sub pixel rendering for desktop (#1378)


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