Joplin to Mac Notes synchronization

MAC OS 12.6.9. Monterey on a MacBook Pro 2015 midyear
Joplin 2.12.17 (prod, darwin)

fair warning, I'm not a programmer, just trying to be a simple user.
When I first installed Joplin it synched all my Mac Notes files into Joplin. Notes I created in Joplin did NOT synch back to the Mac (and that was just fine with me). Notes I created in Mac Notes imported into Joplin automatically. I don't recall doing anything special to make this happen.
Somewhere along the way probably about 6 months ago that syncing stopped, reason unknown, no action taken on my part to stop it.

My notes do synch just fine between my MacBook, my iPhone and my iPad. But I don't have Joplin on anything but the MacBook. I have done the Joplin updates as they have been released.

What can I do to restore the syncing process from Joplin to Mac Notes?

I have never heard of, seen or experienced Joplin (on my Mac) opening, importing, or sync-ing notes from the osx native Notes application. And as far as I can see it is not possible.
You can imagine my surprise when I read your post.

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