Almost all my notes are disapeared

On my MacOS 10.15, I updated Joplin to the version 1.0.245 and asked me to make a new kind of sync or something like that but took ages and didn’t finished doing the sync, so I do quit the app. After restarting was impossible to sync again, so I deleted everything and made a clean reinstall of Joplin 1.1.1. After the clean install, using the Dropbox service to sync, Joplin has downloaded only a few notes (from more than 4k notes that I have) and has stoped. Now every time I do press sync, it is not downloading any new notes.

I do lost my notes? Now can I fix this synchronisation issues? In my opinion the sync in Joplin is a kind of nightmare, never was working properly.

Sync status (synced items / total items)

Note: 86/86
Folder: 1/1
Resource: 3/3
Tag: 0/0
NoteTag: 2/2
MasterKey: 1/1
Revision: 4104/5
Total: 4197/98