Joplin Terminal - Sync while editing

I'm running into some issues with the terminal app. I lost a lot of note content yesterday because I had a note open in vim via the Joplin terminal app and closed the terminal emulator before exiting vim. I assumed that saving the file while editing in vim would write changes to the database and these changes would be synced (currently syncing to the filesystem). But this does not appear to be the case.

When I save the file I'm editing in vim, nothing is written to the database. It appears that the database is not updated until I exit vim and return to the terminal app. At that point, I am able to sync updates to the file system. But if the terminal emulator is closed while vim is still open, even if the latest changes have been saved, the file in $HOME/.config/joplin/tmp is removed upon restarting Joplin and changes are lost forever.

The GUI app behaves differently with changes being written to the database almost as soon as they're made. Thus, syncs are much more frequent. Even when editing in an external editor from the GUI app, the database is updated upon every save (as I would expect).

Is there a way to make the terminal app behave more like the GUI app with respect to updating the database and syncing?

Joplin version: 2.1.7-1
OS: Manjaro Linux (5.13.5-1)

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