Editing a note on the command line


I just discovered Joplin, and so far it looks quite promising but I would like to be able to edit notes from the command-line without switching to the desktop-app first and I cannot figure out how to do this...

I have installed the terminal app alongside the desktop app and have tried to make them both operate on the same data-set by linking .config/joplin to .config/.joplin-desktop but it turns out that the terminal-version uses DB-schema 42, while the desktop-app uses 41 and once you' used the terminal-app it writes it's version to the database and the desktop-app complains...

Then I tried to run the terminal-app with "--profile ~/config/joplin-desktop" but again the database-schema-version is a problem.

So my question: Is there a way (maybe by somehow forcing the terminal-app to use the same schema-version as the desktop-app) to combine terminal and desktop-app or is the only way to do it to treat them as different apps and sync between them (which I consider to be a bit silly, as the same data-set would then reside 3 times (once per app + sync dir) on your system)?

Many thanks!

So currently yes, this is a limitation in that using the --profile switch is unsupported for exactly the reason you found, generally having multiple clients of any kind connected to the database isn't supported as it can introduce all kinds of potential data issues.

One way around this to use a terminal to interact with Joplin would be to use the data API instead as this connects to the database via the existing client.

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