Changes with external editor not read back into Joplin?

I am posting this here to see if I should open a bug report about it. I am running Kubuntu 20.10 with Joplin 1.7.11

When I bring up the external editor (emacs) from Joplin, make some changes, write it and click stop monitoring in Joplin, the changes do not not show in the note. The temp edit file appears in ~/.config/joplin-desktop and then disappears when I click on stop watching but the real md file (in Dropbox/Apps/Joplin) doesn't get updated with my changes.

Let me know if I should open a bug report with logs and other info.

That is good to know, but doesn't apply in my situation. Emacs used to work in Joplin (not sure when it stopped since I only use it for more complex editing and that's been a while.) I don't run any emacs server and ~backups and #files have been turned off for a long time in emacs.

To see if this was an emacs issues, I pointed Joplin to an editor called "kate" (since I had that on my system.) Using kate I see the same behavior I did with emacs (no changes made in the editor seen in Joplin.)

In investigating further I found that after rebooting the system, the external editor now does successfully make changes that get read back into Joplin. I had tested exiting and restarting Joplin and that didn't fix the issue I was having, but a reboot did. Go figure.

Bugs like that are really frustrating, glad to see it's working now.

I'm trying to think about what could cause an issue like that, do you use the external editor a lot?

I use emacs as the external editor a fair amount with Joplin. My use comes and goes depending on what I am doing. The more editing something needs the more likely I will call up emacs to do it. I am glad the functionality is there.

If I see this issue again, I'll try and get more data for you.


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