Joplin-sticky-notes: Stick your Joplin notes to desktop

This is an approach to keep important notes on the desktop, even if Joplin is in background or closed. It has a basic set of features and some limitations, but might be extended if there is interest (and time) :smiley: My motivation was to learn about cross-platform development with PySide6 (Qt).

Installation options and further details are on the linked github page.


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Okay this is cool... I was just thinking that this would be nice to have. I will be testing for sure

Does not seem to work on my mac... just hangs after authorizing. I'll test on my windows box, too

Thanks for trying! I couldn't test MacOS, since I don't use it and setting up a VM seems to be nontrivial. I will take a chance anyway.

"Hanging" means there is no tray icon appearing?

Correct, no tray icon.

I then have trouble stopping the process.. Ctrl+c does not kill it... i have to do a pkill


I was wrong, it is loading, but not displaying.

None of the buttons seem to do anything except for Quit

Ok, the expected behavior would be: After clicking "New Note", a note appears on the top left. I guess that means MacOS is not supported for now. (Until I get the time to figure out how to setup VirtualBox with MacOS.)

Working well on Linux here, thanks for the work :+1:

OS: Solus
Kernel: 6.2.14
Shell: bash 5.1.16
DE: Budgie 10.7.2

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Hello Marph,

thank you, greate intiative
joplin-sticky-notes-windows-latest is expired, could you create and upload new one?

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Thanks for checking! I configured a monthly build. The latest artifacts are available at build once a month to ensure the artifacts are available ยท marph91/joplin-sticky-notes@b4bd474 ยท GitHub.

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Any chance you could make your plug-in available through the built-in plug-in settings dialog ?
I 'd love to try it on a Mac.

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If you mean integrating as regular Joplin plugin, this won't be possible. Joplin-sticky-notes is implemented using a different framework and a different programming language than Joplin.

There is an executable for mac (see the link at my last post). It was reported that it doesn't work properly, though:

it is working, thank you very much!

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Installed and working on Linux Mint21.2, thank you. However, because I was eager to make a full use of it, the limitations are now a bit frustrating:

  • the notes are read only, can't even check a checkbox (I know this was announced but this is a basic feature for this use-case)
  • if you go to Joplin and adapt the note, the corresponding sticky note wouldn't change, even if you click update in the menu, until you "choose Joplin note" again.
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Thanks for the feedback!

I agree and created an issue to track this feature request, but I probably won't have time to work on it. Implementing a custom editor requires some effort. Especially to ensure that it works properly in every edge case and doesn't "destroy" the note accidentally.

This was straight forward to implement and is available in the latest build. The changes in Joplin are reflected in the sticky notes after five seconds, if the connection works.

Thank you for your swift reaction. I installed the update, but unfortunately couldn't test it because in the meantime i refreshed the Joplin web clipper authentication code and couldn't get Joplin-sticky-notes to forget the old code and ask for a new one. Could you tell me on Linux where should I change that code?

That's indeed a bit hidden. A proper settings window would be a good addition in future.

The config file should be located at ~/.config/joplin-sticky-notes/joplin-sticky-notes.conf. You can delete the lines


and restart sticky notes. Inserting the token directly might work, but I didn't test it.

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It works, thank you :slight_smile:

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May I still suggest something, the menu option "open in Joplin" does not work, yet, it deserves to be the most accessible one, not only as a menu button, but also as a result of a double-click on the note.
Makes sense?

There is an .exe file for Windows to try it ? I can't download it from your previous link.