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Can we start to update the page above? I've been using Joplin for about 9 months, mostly on Windows 10/11. The screenshot doesn't look like my Joplin (older version maybe?)

I've collected a bunch of things I needed to know. I put them in a notes outline for "An Illustrated Guide to Starting with Joplin for Windows." Lots of screenshots, with answers to the questions I had.
Does anyone see any value in this? I don't want to do it if it's a waste of time. Maybe do it like and FAQ?


I find the idea of a sample Joplin repository simply a great idea!

This should be used for show casing some plug ins.

If the note is already done, could you share it so that we see if we can use it somewhere? If you could export as HTML and link it from here that's all we need I think

I have a notebook called "Meta Joplin Notes" with these notes:

  • General info on using Joplin
  • Admonition Joplin Plugin how to
  • Joplin keyboard short-cuts
  • Markdown converters
  • Template Time Date variables
  • Advice on resolving conflicts
  • Assorted (like progress bar, how to do bullet lists within a footnote, work-around for dealing with numbered sub-lists, etc.

When you say to export as HTML and link it from here I guess (?) you mean from some public platform that lets you host HTML for public use (please educate me if there's an obvious place).

All I have is and Outline with where to put screenshots. Still a work in progress. I'll share what I have tho.

You can right-click the folder and export it as anything that works for you. Even as JEX is fine, you can attach it here and we can check from this

OK, thanks. See attached. I must add that these are the notes I have made for my own benefit and quick reference. I realize much of this may be covered by existing documentation. I just thought I'd share in case any of it (?) is of value.

My_Meta_Joplin_Notes_2023-03-17.jex (37.5 KB)

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OK I did mine as an RTF then zipped it.
It is in no way a complete overview. Just enough to get someone comfortable with Joplin, pointing out where stuff is located. Can we use the Desktop Application page to publish, and here to collab/comment/discuss?

Joplin (1.1 MB) I'm taking a look also at viscous's JEX above.

OK, I finished it an uploaded to GDrive.
Called Joplin Illustrated.htm
Take a look. You may edit as long as it's to the point. Permission given under Gnu Public License
Note: "viscous" has a couple of great notes in the JEX file that should be put in, One is "Useful Shortcuts." The other is "Resolving Conflicts."
Viscous - can we use your stuff under GPL?