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I've been using the notezilla for a month, just using the trial version of it (had to uninstall after that expired :sweat_smile:). The only feature I like in a Notes app is to be able to stick notes on the desktop or on a certain window. At least on the desktop if not the window part, since it allows me to keep track of notes without having to open the app regularly.

It would be nice to see it in Joplin too. The lack of Google Drive sync is a bit of a bummer but after reading about it and the financial requirement for it, welps. Google services can be quite a money whore sometimes.


This has been discussed many times before, not only on github (when gh was still used for things other than reproducible bugs), but also on this forum:

You can also search for favorite, favourite, starred, ....

Unfortunately, you missed a huge part of the message above. I am already aware of that thread and saw it (since it came down in the search results as I was worried if someone has already asked for such a feature).
But, that is different to what I suggested here.

As I said in my message, I want to stick my notes to desktop. Being able to see it on the desktop screen (when I press Win+D and it brings me to the desktop I should be seeing the notes there as sticky notes) and the next part of the message was about being able to stick those notes to different Windows (i.e. if I am running chrome, I can stick it to chrome windows only or any other window(s))

If my messages are unclear I could give a demonstration using Notezilla perhaps, or you could look into it to understand what I suggested here. Not sure that it’s similar to the feature suggested in that thread, which particularly suggests sticky notes for the notebooks inside Joplin application, which is different from sticking the notes outside the Joplin window.

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Yes, I missed that part. Although it is similar to another feature request about deep linking.

e.g. a link like joplin://hashhere would open the note in joplin, thus one could add an alias or a link objext on the desktop to do what you want.
But sticking a note to the desktop (making the content available on the desktop) is probably not possible with an Electron app. But who knows, maybe there is a way. Maybe an Electron guru has an idea how this could be done.

Probably the best/easiest way to get this functionality would be to write a seperate program that access the Joplin API and displays all notes with the sticky tag.

Right, but this is out of the scope of this project. If someone wants to this, sure why not.

I doubt that Laurent will write such a program for every desktop OS though. Also, first we need a sticky flag. Or did you literally mean a tag named sticky? Either way, I don’t see this happening within this project.

Damn, that sticky notes is the only feature I used to use Notezilla for. For some reason, OneNote never worked for me on my desktop. But if I am correct, all those other applications all have such a feature already, including Evernote and OneNote too.

EDIT: Okay, Evernote doesn’t and I am unsure about OneNote either. For now, Notezilla is the only app I can see which does that, as far as I could find.

@RaXorX I was curious if you figured out anything to get this sort of functionality with joplin? I am looking for a workaround. I think I have an idea of how this might be able to work, but it would require joplin to have the ability to link to a note outside of joplin.

I know exactly exactly the feature you are talking about from Notezilla. You can attach a note to any window and it will bring up the note if you ever open that window. . I believe it uses the window title name to keep track of with the sqlite or database.... So be it a web page, a word document or even a folder file, the post it/sticky note will pop up.

It is really nice because you can create a sticky note, "link " it to a window, ie a forum thread, and take some notes. If you ever return to that same thread, the post it note will just pop up like magic provided the window window title is unique. You can see what you wrote and also you can add to it.

There are a number of other sticky note applications that have this function. On my old pc I have a free application that does this, but I do not remember the name. This feature can be seen in the video on note zilla here: Windows: Attach sticky notes to Microsoft Word documents in Windows using Notezilla - YouTube

If there was a way to create a filesystem link, that opens a joplin note, you could likely make something like this work by placing a link to the joplin note on the pinned sticky note Are URL links on the roadmap?

There is a Thunderbird (email client) extension that does the same thing with thunderbird emails. GitHub - mikehardy/thunderlink: Link to your Thunderbird emails!

It would not be as nice as having it baked into joplin, but it would get the job done.

Hope you figured out another way...

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