Lock Joplin to forefront

Just curious, is there a way to lock notes to the user's view?

The reason I ask is because on a Mac, I have multiple desktops open and I have to constantly switch from one desktop to the other just to take a note. I would want to lock Joplin to the forefront so I don't have to switch between desktops and have Joplin always on the view. Also, I would want to toggle off when needed. Does anyone know if Joplin has this capability?

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you want to have the Joplin app window on top of all other windows?

If so, this is currently not possible.

However, it should be fairly simple. Something like this would add a menu item to the tray to allow just that. However, this does not preserve the state and if someone wanted to implement this properly, the state must be managed for such an action.

diff --git a/packages/app-desktop/app.ts b/packages/app-desktop/app.ts
index 055710f10..639d6a39d 100644
--- a/packages/app-desktop/app.ts
+++ b/packages/app-desktop/app.ts
@@ -172,6 +172,7 @@ class Application extends BaseApplication {
                } else {
                        const contextMenu = Menu.buildFromTemplate([
                                { label: _('Open %s', app.electronApp().name), click: () => { app.window().show(); } },
+                               { label: _('Always on top'), type: 'checkbox', click: () => { app.window().setAlwaysOnTop(!app.window().isAlwaysOnTop()); }, checked: app.window().isAlwaysOnTop() },
                                { type: 'separator' },
                                { label: _('Quit'), click: () => { void app.quit(); } },

This is exactly correct! Thank you @tessus. I am new to Joplin, what file would I need to tweak in order to make it work?

As mentioned before you would have to change the reducer and add a state. If you don't know how to write Electron code, you probably won't be able to do this.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to do it, but maybe someone on this forum has. Also, first Laurent would have to agree to merge such a change.

Bummer, okay. Thank you so much. I am not familiar with Electron code, but I can dig a little and figure it out.

My knee-jerk reaction was this was a chore for the OS, as it's the software managing the multiple desktops. I know this functionality is already part of how Windows handles desktops and I seem to recall this feature in testing a Linux distribution as well. A quick search suggests Mac OS once had this feature via Mission Control. Perhaps they shuffled things around so it's hiding somewhere else in an options menu.

Thank you for this!! It fixes half my problem. Mac OS has stickies app. What is great about stickies is that you can set it to be on top of all windows and set it to all desktops, which is phenomenal. But, thank you again. At least, I am half way there.

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