Joplin Server 2.2.10 - No longer an option to delete accounts

When trying to move from WebDav (Nextcloud) to Joplin Server 2.2.10 I decided that I would take the opportunity to start again from scratch by setting my clients up "from new" and import a JEX export. This would contain active files only and so also allow me to clean out all the orphaned files in my profile / sync target.

Knowing that the option to delete all the files from a server account had been removed I intended to delete the sync account and create it again. I now see that the option to delete an account has also been removed. An account can now be disabled / enabled, but not deleted. I checked Server 2.3.7-beta and that too does not apparently have the facility to delete accounts. I could create another account but the disk space for the original account would now be wasted.

Unless an account delete feature is now hidden, my only option now seems to be to nuke the postgres db on the server and set that up again as well. That's not so bad for me as I only have one sync account. Not so good for those that have several.

Just wondering how an admin can "housekeep" a Joplin server (that does not have direct file access), without the ability to delete user data or the ability to completely delete user accounts.

That will be done in a future version. Disabled accounts are flagged in the database, so in the future there will be some way to delete all these disable accounts.

I think it might still be prudent to allow the deletion of a specific account.

e.g. if you have already disabled 7 accounts, but only want to delete account X? What's the process for that? Enable the 7 accounts, disable the one account, delete the one account, and then disable the 7 accounts again?

For now Joplin Server is available "as-is" so although it can work well when self-hosted, there are certain aspects of it that are not as nicely done as one could expect.

Improvements will come over time mostly depending on what's needed for Joplin Cloud. For example it's urgent to have something to enable/disable a user for Joplin Cloud but a bit less to delete a user. But of course that's going to be needed too so it will be done.

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