Automatic deletion of disabled accounts on Joplin Cloud

As of today, disabled accounts on Joplin Cloud will be automatically deleted after 90 days. A disabled account is one where the Stripe subscription has been cancelled either by the user or automatically (eg for unpaid invoices).

Although it's an automated system, I will manually verify each account that's queued for deletion over the next few days for additional safety (for now everything's working as expected).

When an account is queued for deletion, all notes, notebooks, tags, etc are removed from the system within 2 days, and permanently deleted within 7 days. User information, in particular email and full name will be removed from the system within 2 days, but archived for an additional 90 days for legal reasons, after which they will be deleted too.


Thank you for this feature! I wonder if it's possible to send an extra email saying that user's data indeed going to be deleted soon?

For those on vacation, who accidentally missed their payment obligations this email would serve as a warning, whereas for the those who asked for it, the email would provide the extra peace of mind.

I mean, it's fine if it's too much hassle, just thought it might be a good idea.

I'm not sure it's necessary because this is 3 months later and it only applies to disabled accounts. So the user would have had several notifications already for unpaid invoices, or if they have cancelled their subscription they also know it's disabled.

So if we send a notification all they'll find is a disabled account they can't do much with. I guess I wouldn't mind sending this email but there's no call for action other than telling the user to buy a subscription again, which sounds a bit like spam.

But we'll see, depending on feedback maybe it will make sense at some point to send an email about this.

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