Joplin Server User Management

Hi all,

Running a self-hosted instance of Joplin Server v2.4.8 on Ubuntu Server 20.04.

I have it up and running and can access the web UI.

I just have a question about user management...

How do I set a user as an admin? I changed the default admin user password and then proceeded to create a new user for myself. There doesn't seem to be a way (that I can see), to set myself as an admin. I then thought I could just delete the new user I created and change the admin user details (name and email), but there doesn't appear to be a way to delete users.

Am I missing something?



@fsociety3765 welcome to the forum.

I do not think you are missing anything. I have not seen an option in the WebUI to promote a user to admin.

There used to be an option to delete accounts but it was removed. I mentioned this at the time in the below thread and it seems that it will at some point reappear.


OK. I'm guessing the current solution then would be to edit the new user to something random and disable it. Then update the admin user with my details.

Will give that a go.


My personal choice was to leave the admin account just for admin and set its quotas to the minimum. I then created a sync account for the Joplin clients. That way if I want to start again I can just disable the sync account and create a new one. When the delete function is restored I can then delete the entire disabled account and its data.

This is currently not possible with the admin account because, as you have found out, you cannot promote another user to admin.

There's nothing wrong with editing the admin account, just don't use it as a sync account.

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