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hello. I see message "Your account is disabled: Account over limit on 3 Oct 23 00:30:01 (UTC)" on my JoplinCloud home page. According to 'Help' page "If you exceed the storage space, you will not be able to upload new notes. You may however delete notes and attachments so as to free up space" so I deleted some notebooks from my local Joplin but when trying to sync I get message: Error uploading content is disabled. So how I am supposed to delete stuff from my joplin cloud when I can not sync? Can someone enable my account?

I am using Joplin Windows 2.12.15

@ou13 welcome to the forum.

This thread indicates that the order of sync actions is to delete and then upload. So your deletions should have taken place before the client is prevented from uploading anything new.

I cannot find it but I am convinced that in a thread it was mentioned that it takes a certain amount of time before the available storage is recalculated. Because I cannot find the post I do not know if any time-frame was mentioned. However, if you have deleted enough to bring your used storage to below the account limit it may be available by now...

I have just looked at the default tasks on my Joplin Server and "Update total sizes" runs hourly on the hour. "Process oversized accounts" runs at 30 mins past the hour, every two hours. That does not mean that Joplin Cloud uses the same setting but it may give an indication as to the kind of delay you could be looking at.

the problem is I can not sync the deletion of notes/notebooks because it says ' Error: Uploading content is disabled' in my desktop client. is there any way to delete something (or even everything, I have backup) directly from joplin cloud? or to enable my account?

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The thread I quoted has a comment from @laurent saying that the sync order is delete and then upload. So whilst the client cannot upload it should be able to delete before trying to upload and then getting the error message.

If this is not working for you or if there is another restriction on your account then I am afraid it looks like you will have to wait for someone from Joplin Cloud to reply.

I had the same issue. Deleting should work.
Remember that you should either turn off note history, or wait until the "keep note history" expires.
Also it seems that you should wait at least two hours for the home page to update, so be patient.

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