Joplin - QNAP NAS - Self-Hosted How To?

I am interested in using Joplin as an Evernote alternative where Evernote now functions as a synced&shared “recipe book” with a big importance on Notebooks, WebClipping and Tags.

I have a QNAP machine but I’m unsure on how to best create a completely free&self-hosted solution.
Could anybody provide some pointers?

You can install ownCloud (or nextCloud) and have all Joplin clients synch with it.

Hello all,
actually I'm using the QNAP web server and his WebDav protocol.
The sync process it is extremely slow on Android. I need to restart the sync process every now and then.
On desktop (local network) is fast enough and it seems more reliable.
I have 1500+ notes on my database.
I installed OwnCloud on my QNAP.
In OwnCloud there is an option to get the owncloud WebDav link.
What is the difference between WebDav (Qnap web server) and Owncloud WebDav?
Once I installed OwnCloud, what is the sync method to use in Joplin? Do I still need to use WebDav? Or do I need to use NextCloud and use the OwnCloud WebDav link it provides?

To answer your question: I think you should stick with WebDAV as a sync method. I am not sure what the difference between QNAP and Owncloud is. In general it is not a very fast protocol but it shouldnt be that slow on Android.

Are you sure that your internet connections (the upload speed) is not the reason for your slow sync on Android? Most internet providers offer only a slow upload speed and that would lead to the slow sync on mobile.