Sync via Nextcloud client rather than Webdav

I am experimenting again with Joplin, it looks great, even better than before (personally, still would like nested tags tho :pray:)

I have it installed with a few test notes on my Manjaro XFCE laptop with Webdav sync to my Nextcloud (on a RPi 3), and on my Android phone, also Webdav synced

It all works, but the sync took ages and ages for a couple of notes on the laptop
Thinking of doing this for my thousands of evernotes made me pause for thought

Then I had a half-formed idea, inspired by another post here

Since I already have the Nextcloud client installed, why not use that for the sync?

So, I set up a sync using my Nextcloud client for my .config/joplin-desktop folder onto my Nextcloud RPi

So far so good, but how can I now sync this with my Android phone?



The .config/joplin-desktop is the local working folder, not for syncing!
Set up a File Based sync as target!

Thanks @JackGruber
What is a file based sync, please?


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In my experience (other have said otherwise) it isn't so much the Nextcloud sync which is slow, it is the choice of the Nextcloud server which matters. When I switched from one (free) provider to another (free) provider, speed went up by 5-10x.


Thanks @JackGruber
That worked fine

@ajay Thanks, I will see how it goes with my setup

So far it seems much quicker :slight_smile:

don't hold back with your likes, hearts and all the rest :wink:

May I ask which was the the fast provider?

see this thread,

but no doubt speed is relative to the eye of the beholder,
switching from another one to opsone increased my syncs 5-10x,
how this compares to you, your country, your DSL, your router, your ... you may have to try. Good luck !

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