Joplin server vs WebDAV

Hi all!
I've just discovered Joplin and I wont to give it a try.
What's the difference between the self hosted version (with docker) vs syncing with Nextcloud over webDAV?


This post (made quite early on) gives some comparison details in the section Any improvement over Nextcloud?:

This page provides information on Joplin Server's delta sync method (as mentioned in Any improvement over Nextcloud?).

This page covers notebook sharing and note publishing; features that WebDAV does not support.

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Thanks a lot!

Forgot to mention this:

These posts are about file locking problems that users often get when syncing with Nextcloud, although this one sums it up in one short post.

I can't say much about the Joplin server, I am sure it has its use cases and advantages. But I do run Joplin with a nextcloud drive / account for 2 years now, my profile folder size is about 100MB. And I do not see any of the disadvantages mentioned in above posts. No file locking, no speed issues, no unbearable delays. It simply works well all the time, whether I update and sync one note, or when I make major changes and a lot gets sync-ed. I am using nextcloud for many other purposes, and so I see an advantage in using it for Joplin too. One cloud for everything, rather then many clouds for different applications.

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