Question: is it advisable to mix sync methods?


this will be a question and not a bug report. As it stands now, I’m using Joplin on two Ubuntu machines with the file system backend. The backend folders are kept in sync by Nextcloud for desktop and this works really well.

I’m seeing however some nasty issues with the Android client of Nextcloud. Data created by Joplin just can’t get through. I need a workaround for this so… is it a good idea to connect Joplin for Android to my Nextcloud with the Nextcloud/WebDav backend connection?

Is this a supported way of accessing the data?

Thank you!

I use the configuration that you propose (albeit with Dropbox instead) and it’s works perfectly, I’ve been doing it for about a year with no issues.

That said, I’m pretty sure this is not officially supported.

Thank you!

By "supported" I meant "a method that respects the fundamental design decisions of the application and doesn't cause it to blow up whenever someone as much as farts nearby". :wink:

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