Joplin interview on Website Planet

Website Planet has recently conducted an interview about Joplin - it may give you some insight on the current status of the project, our priorities, and future plans! More on the article page - Organise Your Thoughts with Open Source Note-Taking App, Joplin


It's probably not expected of the interviewer to be a note-taker fan but oh boy I wish she would dig a lil bit deeper into the project's internal kitchen.
Joplin's insides do stand out and the more you learn about it, the more you can appreciate the quality of decisions put into it.

Joplin is a remarkable achievement of Laurent personally and open source software as a community. Almost every Laurent's decision deserves an article how he arrived at it, why he thinks it's a good one, what does it mean for the future, what he has learned implementing it, what mistakes were made, what mistakes were avoided etc etc. So many of those decisions deserve to be celebrated. Yet every time I read about Joplin in the media, it saddens me how shallow the review usually goes.

Excuse me for the rant... Overall, it's a nice, professional piece of publicity, maybe worth to tweet it out


This is really cool. Will Joplin Cloud ever offer a web based read only viewer so that the notes don’t need to be downloaded/synced (if it doesn’t already)?

I think the creators of the Thunderbird AddOn for Joplin should do some advertising in the forum or the plugin-page. Perhaps I missed the hints before, but I only learned about this feature in Laurent's interview. I tried it, and boy is it good!

Thanks for this really useful feature!



Hi @Kai, I wrote the Thunderbird add-on. Thanks for the kind words!

Apart from the add-on store, it has a forum thread and is listed here. But I see it's not easily discoverable if you don't know already that it exists.

I have some ideas how to improve the visibility, but I will open another thread to discuss them.

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