Joplin article -

A recent email from contained highlights of their recent articles. One they chose for their email was about Joplin which was posted on 25JAN21. Additionally the article has links to four other articles below it, three of which are about Joplin (and one of those is by @laurent in 2017).

There have been several posts here bringing attention to articles. Just thought I'd mention that it seems that they still like Joplin!

8 Likes has recently (19AUG22) published a brief review of "5 note-taking apps for Linux". It does not say that they are in any particular order but Joplin is the first on the list and apparently is the app the author usually uses.

Also the author makes reference to the fact that, "...Joplin is under continuous development with a large community of contributors."

Just thought I'd mention it as it shows Joplin is becoming quite well established in the FOSS community.