Joplin freezes if CAPS LOCK enabled ?!?!

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Joplin 2.14.10 (prod, darwin)

What issue do you have?

It is sooo strange but if I type just a letter or more with CAPS LOCK enabled in WYSIWYG editor Joplin freezes for a few sec (I see macOS spinning wheel).
I noticed it a few months ago.
Can someone please try to reproduce and confirm it? Or should I create a GitHub issues anyway?

Logs and dev console are clear.

It doesn't do it for me. Is that definitely only happening when Cap Lock is on? Do you have any installed plugins?

Is that definitely only happening when Cap Lock is on?

Yes! And only on WYSIWYG.

Do you have any installed plugins?

Disabled all plugins, the same behavior after restart.

I also checked that Caps Lock is not used in any shortcuts.

This has been happening to me, too. It didn't start happening until I upgraded my OS to Sonoma (14.2.1) a few weeks ago. Joplin beachballs for a few seconds and then continues on as normal. I don't have any plugins.

I'm on Joplin 2.13.15 (prod, darwin).
Revision: 7d2c1c0

I was able to reproduce this a single time (beta markdown editor with spellcheck enabled), but haven't been able to subsequently reproduce it.

I'm also on MacOS Sonoma, testing with Joplin 2.14.10.

Just to complete the picture, on Monterey (older Macbook) the issue does not exist.

Huh. Also see this on 2.13.15 Sonoma 14.3. I was also able to get it into a state where it was completely frozen until I switched apps and disabled CAPSLOCK and came back to Joplin.

Thanks for the post, I can confirm it's happening to me as well. I didn't realize it was associated with CAPLOCK, just thought it was freezing up constantly. But now I can confirm it is a combination of CAPLOCK and certain keys.

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