Persistant Caps Lock on iPad

I use the latest Joplin app version 10.0.22 on an iPad Air 2 running IOS 11.3.1
When keyboard auto-capitalization is on and I edit a note I can type only in capital letters. When I then press the Caps Lock key I can type only a single letter in lower case and then the keyboard switches back to permanent Caps mode again.
I have this problem only in Joplin.
Did anybody experience the same?

It must be the latest version of Joplin (version 10.0.22). My iPad (iOS 11.3.1) didn’t had that issue with the previous version but once I updated Joplin the persistent-capital-letters behavior started. Non-Apple-Software keyboards are immune to this weird behavior, though. I am helpless as you so I am using a Dvorak Keyboard downloaded from the AppStore as a temporary fix.

I experienced the same thing yesterday, although it also happened with the Google keyboard. After a while I’ve noticed that my note had two empty lines at the bottom. When I removed those empty lines all was good again.

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That seems to be a known bug in React Native -

I’m new to Joplin and it is exactly what I was looking for in combination with Nextcloud!
However, I also have this problem with default capitalization in iOS with both the standard keyboard and Swiftkey. Has anyone found a workaround or solution to this issue yet?

@Roland This is a bug in React Native, which has been fixed in ff70ecf (v0.56.0).

However, this version has a few other issues and a 0.57.0-rc should be available soon.

Hi Tessus
sorry, but I don’t understand. My Joplin has Versions 1.0.104.
Does this 0.57.0-rc refer to an additional something I nned to install?

React Native is a frameweork used by Joplin. Thus @laurent has to update the framework to a newer version.
The problem is that the version that fixed the caps lock issue has several other issues that could be even worse.
Thus @laurent has to wait for a version that is stable and won’t introduce more problems that it fixes.

You can’t do anything about this issue. I found out that if there are empty lines at the end of the note, the problem occurs much more often. After deleting the empty lines, the problem was gone.
Unfortunately this does not always work, so we all have to wait until a stable React Native is included in Joplin.

Experiencing this on iPhone as well as iPad.

React Native 0.57.0 is available!

Yes upgrade is planned which should fix some issues. Also it’s probably time to upgrade some modules which maybe will fix issues related to file attachment, camera, notifications, etc. Things change fast in RN world but usually for the best.