Joplin for Mac Asks me to Update to version 1.0.179

My Mac version of Joplin is 1.0.178. I think it has been a few weeks since I upgraded to this version. Lately, when I open Joplin it has been asking me to update to version 1.0.179. When I try to upgrade nothing happens. From what I can tell there really isn’t a 1.0.179 release yet.

I assume that there will be a 1.0.179 release soon at which time when I click on update my software will be updated. But right now nothing happens.

Happens for me too since a week

It’s been fixed in latest

No it has not. On Win, downloading the latest portable version 1.0.79 always asks for the update to 1.0.79


It seems that it can take a while for the web-site links to get updated to the latest version and it does not help that the updater in 1.0.178 was broken.

You can always get the latest Joplin release from here:

The above is a link to the “Releases” page on GitHub

No, the portable version there ist 1.0.78 not 1.0.79


The OP was asking for the mac version. However looking at the releases page it shows:

EDIT: And it looks like the links at have been updated.

Yes ouf course if have seed that I`m aware where to search. Downloaded it, but it is Version 1.0.78 as mentioned. NOT 1.0.79

In my case, on Mac (currently 1.0.78 on MacBook Air running Catalina), every time I open Joplin, or after 24 hours pass, the next morning, or whatever, the dialog comes, asking me if I want to download 1.0.79. I click on Yes, but no download takes place.

See four posts up from yours.

Just downloaded Joplin Portable from the Joplin GitHub "Resources" page and got this when checking its properties and running it:

Then it might have been changed, yesterday evening it was not

Download it manually from here.


Yes it looks like the links at have now been updated.

That is why in my post above I pointed you towards the GitHub “Releases” page:

and not the main page at:

because sometimes it can take a while for the links on the main page to get updated whereas when a new version of Joplin is built and released it appears on the Releases page of GitHub straight away.

Again, everything mentioned relates to github.

Again, at times the first of the above pages (both on GitHub) will be more up to date than the other.

Thanks! I did read that, but my aim in reporting was not to get my hands on 1.0.79, but to report the anomaly in it not downloading, in more specific terms than “nothing happens”. Of course, I do appreciate the rapid answer for a workaround!

This has been fixed in 1.0.179 and can be downloaded via gh releases or the web site.