Best practices for updating Joplin Desktop to new version

I have been using Joplin very happily after my initial installation of 1.0.75. For the first time, this morning I was alerted to a new version, 1.0.78. I expected significant new releases to update automatically for some reason. However I was given the option to download, or not.

I downloaded the dmg file.

My question (and experience) is: Is this a new stable release? Is it a major or minor release? Is this an experimental release? I don’t actually know, and the last thing I want to do is destroy content. And I cannot find instructions for upgrading anywhere, only instructions for installation. Are there instructions? How should I proceed.

Thanks for all the awesome work going on with Joplin!

Guys, I’m a little shocked that no-one has answered me. It’s really important to have confidence in upgrading procedures. Please let me know if you feel I’m wrong about this.

According to github, the latest release is a stable one. When on github or most other services like this, if it has a green release label anywhere on it, that means it's considered stable.

Red means pre-release

And, as someone who used a Mac way back for school, if i remember correctly, dmg's are basically Apple's equivalent to Installer exes used on Windows and primarily require just clicking, putting in your admin password, and following the prompts. Some do, however, act like a usb drive (opens as a separate drive in your file manager). These often will require you to drag and drop the executable into your Applications folder. The way that Macs handle upgrades is often just installing the latest release and letting it override the old one. It should remove the previous version while leaving your configuration files where they are at and mostly untouched.

Of course, a great practice is to see what exactly has been updated and fixed, check to see what kind of issues users are currently having with the new release, and see if updating is necessary for your usages. If the version you are currently using isn't having issues for you and the fixes aren't useful, you can always hold off a bit before you update. That way any new bugs can be tackled and you don't have to worry about breaking your flow and notes for the time being.

I hope this answered your main concerns. :relaxed:

I'm noticing support here is a bit lacking at times, but the holidays just happened and the devs are getting ready for some big events (especially #gsoc-2020). When Google Summer of Code selects you for a spot in their schedule, that means your project is really good and has potential to make heavy strides in the world of tech.

Thanks! Main concerns answered!

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You’re quite welcome. I’m honestly waiting for some major iOS updates. In the week or so I’ve been using Joplin, some of the random bugs and syncing problems I’m running into that aren’t appearing on my desktop or Android phone are giving me a bit of anxiety. So, upgrade concerns are totally understandable, and in my case (along with several other people), as soon as a new AppStore build drops, I’m upgrading immediately because my iPhone is my main driver for what I use Joplin and other note-taking apps for.

Update works like a charm on Mac, even on Canary.

  1. Upon starting Joplin desktop with notification of new release, accept download of new release
  2. Close and quit Joplin desktop after exporting all files to .md and directory also
  3. Neurotically Backup /.config/joplin-desktop physically also
  4. Double click on downloaded .dmg file
  5. Drag Joplin icon to Applications folder in resulting dialog as per usual practice
  6. Execute Joplin Desktop app
  7. Mac refuses to run it cuz not signed or some such. Close this dialog.
  8. Then go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy
  9. Give permission to run Joplin Desktop anyway
  10. Execute Joplin Desktop
  11. You still get the same warning, but one of the buttons says “Open”. Open Joplin Desktop.
  12. New version installed, everything works perfectly

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