Joplin command line - showing sync log which should be in background?


iam using arch linux and joplin 1.0.179-1. I use nextcloud to sync my notes. When i launch joplin in a terminal window I can use everything as expected. After a few seconds I dont see my notes anymore. Instead I see all the syncing messages which should be in the log and not in the active window? By pressing TAB I can switch back to my notes. This is very annoying and appears after one of the latest updates I guess...

EDIT: Typing ":sync" shows all the syncing logging stuff as well. How can this be disabled or put in background?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you are telling me. Are you using the desktop or the cli version of Joplin.

The desktop version is 1.0.179 and the cli version is 1.0.155. It seems you are talking about the cli version, and this error has been fixed and is in the latest cii release.

I’m not sure what the AUR package does, since we don’t provide it, but I suggest you talk to the package maintainer.

@laurent I think we should add a statement in the README (next to the link for the AUR package) that we don’t provide it, thus support has to go to the package maintainer. There are too many bug reports and topics about AUR packages lately.

There’s already a message saying something similar next to it.

Then maybe in BIG RED LETTERS. People ignore the current text. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many AUR issues on github and here in this forum. I’ve noticed that people don’t read anything on a general priciple. They delete templates, open questions and feature requests on github and reading the docs and FAQ is also out of the question for most. This is really annoying. Even children in kindergarden or not that ignorant.

Apologies for the diversion on your thread joacim129448, but in relation to the inappropirate github issues:

Perhaps an explicit option in github for entering feature requests would help a little, something like:

    Feature request
    All feature requests must be discussed first in the forum. Include a link to the discussion here. [Get Started]

Yes, we had that a while ago. People ignored it the same way the ignore everything else, so Laurent removed it again.

Oh ok.

I wonder if going the opposite way would help: we allow everything on GitHub, tag what we want to keep, and let the stale bot take care of the rest. It might actually be less trouble for us, as now we have to spend time closing issues and tell people to use the forum.

I believe this will result in a mess. But maybe we should try it. On the other side actively ignoring issues is not very nice.
But then some people don’t even fill out the template for bug reports. There are bots which will close issues, if they don’t follow the template. There are also bots that close issues, if they are marked with a certain label. The possibilities are endless.

One one side I understand that people want to get their issues off their chest. But ignoring the templates and the rules we set out is not only counterproductive, it’s a mockery.
On the other side, I am irked, if I open a valid bug report and am completely ignored. People who start opening stuff on gh won’t know that we do that because others just didn’t follow the rules in the past.

It’s a very complicated topic. But the project has reached a certain size which requires discipline.