Joplin terminal question sync

I now on joplin terminal 1.0.153 (prod) on debian.
sync goes to option 5 / nextcloud.

with joplin sync the sync runs smooth.
but by using console with joplin also the sync runs in the background, so i can't use ther terminal app.

can i stop that, so only a second process syncs by crontab in the background by joplin sync ?

is this the right config for that??

:config sync.interval 0

I tried to set the config but terminal app in not useable, always the sync will be triggert and destroyes my screen :frowning:

Thx a lot

Looks like logging made its way to stdout. Please could you create a bug about it on GitHub?

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I actually just came to this forum, looking for help or info on this topic.
The sync keeps destroying my screen. I’m going to sleep now but otherwise I’d look into a github issue tomorrow aswell

If someone can create a pull request it’s even better. It’s just the console statements that need to be commented out in WebDavApi.js


Yep, I can do that.

Too bad I read that too late, otherwise I had asked if I should push directly and create a new cli release.


Thanks, i help me by comment on installed file:

if u bring the patch, is there an auto update function?

Not sure what you mean. You just use npm to update the package.

ok, npm update helped me, thx!

when will this fix be on github/in the aur?

I have no idea what you are talking about. The fix is on github, git hash 7eabe74402e7a704505c11f3fc5b96a54e2ed4a6 to be exact.

We do not provide AUR packages. Please talk to the package maintainer.