Sync progress

on the terminal app, I'm running a nextcloud synd.
The status bar reads "Synchronization is already in progress. State: in_progress".
How can I see the progress? percentage or notes synced and notes remaining to sync.

Not sure if the console shows it as more verbose or not but you can toggle it open with tc.
You can also manually review the latest lines in the .config/joplin/log.txt file.

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I also notice that my sync states that it's adding to nextcloud. I don't understand this. My nextcloud data is from my joplin desktop. I would have thought that the terminal sync would only be syncing from nextcloud not to it.

I can't say for sure but is it adding note revisions? For example if you uploaded your JEX then edited that note on desktop?

Actually, before I synced to nextcloud I imported the jex files from the desktop.

I mean if you imported JEX to terminal, changed note on desktop then sync'd terminal then it might have revisions.

Otherwise so long as it isn't making duplicates of resources and notes then it sounds ok? If you change details in a note are you at least seeing it reflected on the other client?

TO avoid all this, I wiped the terminal intstlalltion, reinstalled and now I'm syncing fresh from nextcloud.

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this is taking forever. Since my ast post, I'm only 1/3 done.
If I cancel, reinstall and copy from my desktop folder, will it be the same result?
If so, exactly what should I copy besides database.sqlite?

If you are going to just put the database in you will also need your resources folder. The rest can be left.

That is the problem with NextCloud, it is stupidly slow.

Is there anyway to setup a sync between desktop and terminal for speed sake?

Local file sync will do that, just create a folder on your system that both can access.

thanks. That's what I'll do. This online sync is killing me,

I just checked the progress of my local sync and my joplin database is twice as large as it was. I made sure the backup target was empty,
What happen?

My mistoake is only slightly larger. But why is the database larger at all when I'm sycing to a backup folder?
and my sync folder is only 40k.

Honestly who knows at this point, you have swapped between so many different methods its entirely possible that you have clones and note histories galore.

If it were me I would just start from a clean system with a known good backup and do everything from there. I would just leave NextCloud sync running for as long as it takes to complete rather than messing with JEX imports, databases and local sync targets.

Thanks, But it's all good now

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