Joplin cloud sizing

How do I determine the amount of space my joplin files will require on Joplin Cloud, so I can choose the right level of service? Can I just look at the size of .config\joplin-desktop? I have imported a ton of stuff from Evernote and my joplin-desktop is about 45GB. Does that mean I need to go for the "Teams" level of Cloud to get its max of 50GB? Or can I sign up for Pro (30GB) and ask for extra space?

Couple thoughts, not sure how close these would be:

  • do an export to a .jex and check how big it is
  • do a File System sync to a new folder on your computer and check how big that'd be

But if you think you have 30GB, to do either of the above you probably have to have about 30Gb available. There might be better ways, but that's what I'd check to get ideas.

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