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How do I determine the amount of space my joplin files will require on Joplin Cloud, so I can choose the right level of service? Can I just look at the size of .config\joplin-desktop? I have imported a ton of stuff from Evernote and my joplin-desktop is about 45GB. Does that mean I need to go for the "Teams" level of Cloud to get its max of 50GB? Or can I sign up for Pro (30GB) and ask for extra space? Also, I see in the Help for Joplin Cloud, it says "f you are already on a Pro account, and you need more space for specific reasons, please contact us as we may increase the cap in some cases." But I cannot find a "contact us" -- is there an email address, or is this support forum the right place? Please advise.


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Just wanted to say that this forum is a good place to ask this question. Please give us a bit of time to come with helpful response


Any update on this? I would really like to use Joplin Cloud, but (1) I don't know which level of service to purchase, and (2) if I need extra space, how do I request it?

We don't have a pay as you go system for Joplin Cloud so when more space is needed we simply manually increase for specific Pro accounts at no extra charge. We could increase your Pro account to 50 GB I guess, but would that be sufficient because you're already quite close to the limit?

And by the way do you have .crypted files in your "resources" folder? If so you should delete them first, along with all .log files and the "tmp" folder in order to get a real idea of the size of your data.

Also do you use multiple profiles?

Ah, that's very generous of you. I don't mind paying extra for extra storage. I'll check for the various extra files you mentioned. I do not use multiple profiles (yet). This is actually for myself and my wife. I tinkered with multiple profiles, but it seemed confusing, and I don't normally need both databases on one machine. I figured two separate accounts is better. I have just 6GB or so for myself, but my wife has tons of images and PDFs, thus the questions about space. Also note I have not yet actually created a Joplin Cloud account for my wife's files yet. I'll do it soon.

Hm, I just went and checked my wife's joplin files and now it is just 18GB. I'm sure it was 45GB a few days ago after I imported everything from Evernote. Oh well, I'll get a normal Pro account and see how it goes. Thanks!