Understanding file structure and the 10MB size limit

New to Joplin and (so far) loving it but trying to get my head around it.
Using Win10, Linux, Android - this query relates to Win 10.
Joplin v2.12.17 and syncing to Joplin Cloud.

I have imported a bunch of notes from Evernote (ENEX) and just lately I am getting an error message that some items can't be synchronised - on examination the reason is always that they are more than 10MB.
Which set me thinking about just how much of my total cloud storage capacity of 1 GB I am actually using.
Logged onto Joplin Cloud and it says:: Total size 88.4 MB (9%) - so I'm surprised but relieved.
But, back in Joplin, I tracking down these over-large files which I find in C:\Users\rober.config\joplin-desktop\resources and which Windows tells me contains 2,859 files and is 1.12 GB.
So, can anyone explain how you are managing to store 1.12 GB of data in just 88.4 MB of cloud storage.
Remember, I am very new to this.

Are you sure that everything is synced? You can check in Help - Sync status

Well, that's a very good question - but define 'everything'.
The more I look at it the more confusing it becomes.
Help - Sync status doesn't really help me - not easy for me to interpret what I'm reading.
I've imported and deleted a lot of old Evernote stuff - and now have a total of 905 notes in my 1 Joplin Notebook on my Win device.
But, I still have 2,859 files in my joplin-desktop\resources folder (most of which I don't want).
I can't see any way of counting the notes on my 2 Android devices but I can see that they are not exactly the same as on my Win device.
As far as I can see, there is no way to find out exactly what is in my Joplin Cloud, other than it's total size of 88.4 MB which doesn't seem to change whatever I delete.
And which also seems quite inadequate to store everything that's in my resources folder.

Plus, one of the items which couldn't be synchronised because it was over 10MB has still managed to make it's way from my Win device onto both my Android devices via J/Cloud! How is that possible?

I doubt there are any simple answers but I would love to know what's happening behind the Joplin scenes before I commit myself to relying on it.

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Could you share a screenshot of that error you're having?

And possibly a screenshot of the status screen?

Seeing the log of the desktop app would help too

Hi Laurent,

I’m not sure if this is the error you mean, but here is the closest thing I have to an error message…

But I’m afraid I can’t find the desktop app log.

I hope this helps you and thanks for your help.

It occurs to me that I might be misunderstanding the role of the resources folder – is it just created during importing or is it the primary Joplin data?


Yes the resource folder is Joplin data. You can get the log using the instructions here: How to enable debugging | Joplin

Hi Laurent,

Hmmm – OK. I followed the instructions, created flags.txt in my profile directory, turned Joplin off and on.

I couldn’t do anything to “recreate the error” (if it is an error) – it is just always there.

I have to tell you that the log.txt starts at 2023-08-30 18:12:58 and finishes at 2023-08-30 19:23:02.

There’s a lot in there – including some obvious error messages (which I attach) but nothing whatsoever after that date.

I also opened the console (which I will send in a separate email) and it doesn’t look very happy.

I will delete flags.txt next.

I hope you can make sense of all this, because I’m sure I can’t!




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