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Hi. I am a new potential convert from Evernote and have setup Joplin on my laptop (Windows 10, Joplin v. 1.7.11) and my Android. One of the reasons I am considering fully switching from Evernote (after over ten years) is that when I setup a new install of Evernote on a new laptop, the program was 857MB, significantly larger than on my other laptop. However, I am not sure if this is an issue with Evernote or my new computer, since the Joplin install is 866MB. This seems excessively large, so I am trying to understand if it is Joplin or my new laptop (a Lenovo X1). (Ideologically, I also prefer opensource projects, so it would be great to stick with Joplin.) Perhaps this is addressed elsewhere, but a search didn't find anything as the topic of program size and install come up with other, unrelated, issues. Thank you for any advice anyone has on this topic!

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Welcome! One of the best features of Joplin is the friendly and helpful community here.

I asked a similar question a few days ago:

FWIW, my Win10 install is 442 MB.

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To add to that, my install on Ubuntu is 139.8 MB.

@lcsamuel How are you measuring the size of Joplin? And where are you downloading it from?

Hi @CalebJohn , thank you for the quick response. I downloaded Joplin from the link on the main Joplin website (, the link directs to I am measuring it via the Apps & Features in Settings. I am not sure if a better way to measure the size. I don't think this includes the program/app's data stored within it but just the program itself (sorry, I know this is rough language, I am not sure of the exact terminology for the program vs the data usage of what the program itself stores). Thank you!

@whitewall thank you for the link! I am now thinking it might be as issue of my computer because the size of my Evernote (v 10.8.4) was also almost 3X what others are reporting. I am just not sure what Lenovo could possibly be doing to make it so large.

Oh, I've never paid attention to that. When I go there, Joplin says it is taking up 866mb. Strange.

@whitewall That is almost exactly what I see. When sorted by size, Joplin is at the top.

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