Joplin Cloud Setup and Configuration

I am using Joplin desktop version 1.7.11 (prod, linux) on Ubuntu 18.04.6

I have purchased "Joplin Cloud" in order to sync with my mobile devices. I assumed the setup for this would be straight-forward and clearly documented, but I am experiencing two problems:

  1. The "synchronization target" options include "Joplin Server" but not "Joplin Cloud". From the post announcing Joplin Cloud, it sounds like the "Joplin Server" option should work with the "Joplin Cloud" paid service, but this isn't actually explicitly explained anywhere that I can find.

  2. When I try to the "Joplin Server" synchronization option, I am asked to supply a "Joplin Server URL" but I can find no documentation for "Joplin Cloud" that explains what value to provide. When I attempt to synchronize using only my username and password, I get the following error:

Error. Please check that URL, username, password, etc. are correct and that the sync target is accessible. The reported error was:

Not a valid URL: /api/sessions

Can someone please explain how to use "Joplin Cloud" so I don't have to waste more time searching this forum and the web for answers?


@popdjnz welcome to the forum.

You'll have to use a more current version of Joplin Desktop that was built to sync with Joplin Cloud. The latest release is 2.4.9. You can download it from GitHub or, if you used the recommended install and update script, run it again.


Ok. So I installed the latest version and now all of my notes are gone.
What do I do next?

I've started a new topic for my new data restoration problem...

For what its worth I think something similar was seen on Linux Mint where the version in the software centre was for a flatpak but it didn't allow it to be updated so you had to go and update the flatpak manually:

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