Joplin Cloud is officially production ready!

@laurent I might as well add this here, but I shared a note and now the site says the certificate is invalid... apparently it expired today!

Ok that's not good. I knew I had to manually renew that certificate but somehow didn't setup any reminder. Could you try again please and let me know if it works?

Not just yet.. but perhaps hasn't propagated yet?

It looks like I needed to restart the server for the changes to take effect. I think that should work now!

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Sure does! Thanks for the quick solution, Laurent :heart:

It seems storage space is one big difference between Basic and Pro. What's the easiest way for me to check how much disk space I'm currently using? And does disk space equate directly with the cloud storage space I'd use?

@skim1124 I just checked, in my case Joplin Cloud is the exact same size as my former Dropbox sync. So if you check your current sync target, you can basically see how much Cloud storage you need.

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Thanks. I also use Dropbox and it says that the Joplin folder is only 45MB. So at least in terms of storage size, the Basic plan seems plenty big enough for my needs.

referrals? recommendations? I certainly rave about it to my friends.

'Max 10 MB per note or attachment'

How do I check this?

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I moved my whole Evernote files (over 2000 notes) to cloud as my trial.

Now it's in service, I want to do the migration properly.

I'd like to move my existing Joplin files of 400 notes, enable encryption and add the Evernote files.

I like the idea of the plugin to rewrite the internal links because I use that extensively in EN.

Perhaps a simple checklist of how to migrate from Joplin/Evernote to Joplin cloud?

I'd better experiment some more. I rarely use a desktop, just a phone or a chromebook so I don't get to use the full functionality client (moving, renaming folders).

Absolutely love this app. Can you add a very simple basic address book?

There's no such thing as a simple basic address book :slightly_smiling_face: But why would you want this? There are plenty of other apps to manage contacts?

Because I use Joplin in my IT business and when someone calls for a quick fix for their software I'd like to have the address book handy in the same app rather than having to click for the address book so you see there is a method to the madness.

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Ok that makes sense. That could probably be achieved using a plugin, either by having an internal address book, or somehow connecting with a third party one, for example via CalDAV.

I also have an IT business. Here's how I handle what you are talking about:

I have a top notebook -Immediate which has 3 notes in it. One is Daily notes. In daily notes I quickly take notes when clients call. If the call isn't just a quick answer (and bill), but actually requires notes and stuff that should be remembered, then after dealing with it, I copy those notes to the clients file. Under my business folder is a ClientNotes folder with a folder for each client I've got notes or projects for.

My address book / contacts is integrated with my email and calendar and that is a different program.

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Hi. I've purchased Joplin Cloud but I am unable to get it to work.
I've posted a support request and hope for a reply soon. Thanks.

Support request answered.

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Many thanks for developing Joplin and setting up the Joplin Cloud service.

Other cloud services have incremental prices for additional space. It might be interesting for users of the Basic plan, like myself, to have the ability to pay a little bit more for a little bit more storage when the Joplin notebooks grow over the current limit (which is generous, as after one year of use, the jex export of all my notes is less than 30 Mb, for over 200 notes, with plenty of pictures).