Joplin Cloud not syncing with Team members

Hi, I just signed up for Joplin Cloud and added my team members. I pushed my notes to Joplin Cloud and tried to pull them onto my team member's machine. No matter what I do the sync doesn't happen. When he initially ran the sync, it appears that Joplin pushed his 9 or so default notes Joplin comes with up to the server but nothing downloaded. Strangely I don't see those changes of his on my Joplin after I re-sync. I've tried going into the Sync menu on my desktop app and running Re-upload local data to sync target, then went back to his computer after the sync completed, but it didn't download. Then on his computer, I ran the Delete local data and re-download from sync target but that also did not bring my notes to his desktop app. What is the process supposed to be? I am the only one that uses Joplin currently and just now inviting my team members to start using it but so far the sync feature between team members has unexpected behavior.

Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, win32)

Client ID: a273d570ac4349a5b251fbd01e42296c
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: c2a6a13

It seems from your post that you expect all team members to see the same notes? This is not how it works - instead each team member have their own personal account and own notes. Then if you want to share notes between members you share notebooks - that way people only share what needs to be shared.

I see, that makes sense. I understand.

One of my team members tried clicking on the email invite and she is getting "Invalid or expired token". I sent the email yesterday and it is expired today, which I feel is too soon to invalidate a token in a team environment. Some team members are sick that day or off, so deployment without visibility of the dangers is a problem. So now we have a second user that, if I am forced to delete her to re-add her to have a fresh token, will have to use the + syntax to get an account. Is there a way to re-validate her token so I don't have to do it? There is no option on the website to resend the invite. If not, do I have to remove and re-add her with the + syntax?

That's true, I will increase the expiration time.

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For my current team members you mean? If that is not what you meant, is there a way for you to re-validate our "pending invite" team members' tokens so they can log in? Or is it already too late and that account is effectively unusable? There is only 1 team member that has not accepted (because her token expired).

No I meant in general but it will be in a future update of joplin cloud.

Please send me your email address in a PM and the email of the person you want to add, and I'll send the validation email again.

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