ERROR: This user already has a Joplin Cloud account

Hi, on the Joplin cloud interface (not the app itself), I was not getting my team member to properly sync to the cloud notebook. So we tried deleting him and re-adding him to the Team account. When I did this I received this error:

This user already has a Joplin Cloud account. Only users that are not already on the system can be invited.

So now I can't re-add my own team member back to our team?? Seems to be a bug.

Can the Joplin team either add him back manually to the database to our team, or alternatively, fix the code that would not allow him to be re-added?

There is no reason why the app should restrict team members from being added or removed as the admin sees fit.

Yes this is currently a limitation of the implementation. In the meantime, you could either a use a different email address or add a "+" prefix, as in

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