Joplin Cloud sync issues

Right now Joplin Cloud is not working. I would link to the Joplin Status page here and to the corresponding GitHub issue but I can't post links.

BTW, the Joplin Status page should be linked from the Joplin home page, very prominently, and preferably using a subdomain like status dot joplinapp dot org (again, can't post this link)

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Ah well, it started working as I wrote my previous article. Still, I think having the status page more visible or easily accessible would be a bonus for paying customers. Thanks!


Sorry about that, Joplin Cloud was indeed down for about 20 minutes. It should work fine now and I'm looking at preventing this particular issue to happen again.

As for the status page, I'll try to put a link to it somewhere but there's only some many links that we can display very prominently on the home page.

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