Joplin as Nextcloud Collectives Offline App

Nextcloud Provides Nextcloud Collectives as a sort of wiki/ documentation tool, unfortunately, it is only available online and only editable through the nextcloud browser. Collectives - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud
This will implement Notebooks as Folders in the Nextcloud Collectives Folder.
and Notes, following Similar Hierarchy with Notes names not being scrabled.

How About, implementing feature, in such a manner that it work with Nextcloud Collectives, using their Folder Structure, or providing a from of sync mechanism, so that the locally stored Nextcloud Collective files, can be edited within joplin. that way, this becomes the Defector Nextcloud Collectives offline tools.

This will increase the update of the project, and Most nextcloud Collectives users, would install this for Offline Support.

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