Web client, Nextcloud/ownCloud, metadata

Didn’t know where else to post this, but I thought it might interest some fellow Joplin users that I’ve written a quick prototype for a web client on top of ownCloud/Nextcloud.

For reasons I’ll not go into here, it’s implemented on top of ownCloud-7 and with reliance on several custom apps, so the app is not directly useful to others.

The idea is to keep the notes in a directory tree on the server, but expose them via WebDAV as a flat directory with obscurely named files as Joplin expects.

Documentation here: https://sciencedata.dk/sites/user/Notes/
Code here: https://github.com/deic-dk/notes

If someone can use any of this to create an app for Nextcloud, I’d be happy to help.

A related subject, which should probably have its own thread, is tags, metadata and templates:

I appreciate the clean and non-bloated interface of Joplin, but I’d appreciate a customizable choice of templates when creating a new note (“Todo”, “Diary”, “Recipe”, …). In the same vein, a generalization of the tag concept could perhaps be considered:

“Todo” could simply be a tag carrying some metadata attributes: “todo_due”, “todo_completed”. The same for other tags.

Thanks for sharing, that seems quite impressive. Does it work as a Nextcloud app in its current state?

You can get this through File->Templates->Create note from template
or by simply pressing Ctrl-Alt-I in your new note.
If I misunderstood your issue please let me know.

I've moved this to the #apps category! @deltafunction great job! can't wait to see this on Nextcloud... :wink:

Unfortunately no. That is rather high priority for us too, but we have many custom apps for our old ownCloud and migrating all these is a major task.

If anybody wants to help out (paid), do get in touch.

Wow - missed that menu item - thanks. Has it been there the whole time?

Templates were introduced at the end of July this year :slight_smile: