Joplin app suddenly disappeared, reinstalled and all my notes and to do lists are missing

Operating system


Joplin version


What issue do you have?

Joplin app suddenly disappeared from my android mobile and, after reinstalling, all my notes are missing.

All the settings should have been as by default as I only started using Joplin temporarily after having had some issues with Evernote.

If the app is uninstalled it will also delete all the notes. However they will still on the server so if you sync they should come back

Thanks Laurent, I gathered that but why and how was Joplin uninstalled if I didn't do it?

This is not something that the app did. We couldn't do that even if we wanted to. Also did you try the F-Droid version by any chance? Because it's a separate version and it wouldn't show your notes from the regular version

Accepted that it could be something that my phone did rather than something that Joplin did.

I didn't try the F-Droid version.

I have tried every sync target (as I can't remember what my settings were, I would assume default settings) and cannot locate or retrieve my notes

The sync target is common over all the clients you set up but it maybe sounds like you only had a mobile client and therefore were not syncing any notes.