Android - Clean and complete uninstall

How can I completely remove all the Joplin’s settings and notes from my smartphone?

For the 100th time I have to start from scratch with Joplin. I’ve learned to always backup all my notes from the desktop app.

Now I’ve removed the encryption (honestly, unusable) but the android app is stuck at decrypting after I’ve disabled the encryption from it as well as on the desktop app. Also it didn’t managed to sync anything in a month or so.

The fact is even if I uninstall it completely from my phone, when I reinstall it is in the same identical messy state as it was before.


Export the notes from the desktop app. Then delete the profile on desktop, uninstall the app on Android, and reinstall.

Then of course import the notes in the desktop app.

OK…I’m gonna do that for the N time (when I’ll have time to waste), but honestly, I have to tell you that I can’t believe I’ve been put through all this endless tinkering by a note taking app, honestly…Every single time I’ve changed something in Joplin I’ve ended up removing everything and reinstalling from scratch.

And why the Android’s app settings are binded like this to the desktop app? I’m not a dev but really, this is beyond me.

Thanks anyway.

Without more details it’s hard to tell why your experience was so bad. It’s true that when messing up the e2ee setup with thousands of notes it can be hard to fix it afterwards.

Many of the problems with Joplin is because certain things that would normally be done by a sysadmin (say at Evernote) is expected to be done by the user. So when messing up sync or e2ee the result can be catastrophic with all notes being deleted, duplicated, etc. Maybe there’s more we can do to make the setup process more user friendly but not sure what, I’m open to suggestions.