Joplin Android App looses Nextcloud Sync settings

Hello Joplin Team,

I am using Joplin on my Samsung S8 in combination with Nextcloud for a while and I love it! Great work!
With the new version 1.0.339 I am facing the issue, that the app is switching the Synchronisationtarget to Drop Box and looses the Nextcloud sync settings.

  • Joplin Version 1.0.339
  • Galaxy S8
  • The operating system is Anrdoid 9. Safetypatch 1.Juni 2020
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I have had this behavior as well.
It seems that the save button is disabled as soon as you add your nextcloud url.

If you change your sync interval value, the button is enabled and you can actually save the sync settings properly. (afterwards you can set the sync interval to your preferred value again)

Hello kameel,
thank you for the fast feedback.
The behaviour on my phone is different. After the App update, the Nextcloud sync settings were somehow removed.
After that I added the Nextcloud sync settings again and I was able to save. Somehow it seems everything had to sync again. But than it worked as before.
Now 1 day later, the sync settings are lost again. Dropbox is shown as default.
Update12SEP2020: Again the sync settings are lost

I have the same issue! Went on vacation and started using mobile joplin a lot more. Each time I use Share to save a note or just open/close Joplin there seems to be a chance that it will lose its sync settings. It also reverts to default color profile from the Dark one and loses encryption keys and creates intro notebook. Everything has to be re entered. Over 2 weeks it happened about 5 times if not more.

Once I think I saw an error displayed somewhere saying something about some Nextcloud sync error, unfortunately I swiped it away before taking a screenshot or anything.

Could you clarify how you share and what? From which application to which application?

Usually reddit official app, sometimes Firefox, there's are share post/comment/page buttons, tap, select Joplin etc.

I'm on Mi9 MIUI12, battery optimization is off for joplin if it matters.

It happened again twice yesterday after posting, each time: use share to save somethinf - close joplin - open joplin - settings ded