Android App lost synchronization settings

After the last update, the Joplin app always shows “Initialize application …” for a second.
In the last few days when the synchronization started and the number of notes (about 195) had reached about 60 again. When it reached about 1000 I canceled the synchronization.
The database was fine, apparently the content was synchronized correctly.
Since I only synchronize manually anyway, that hasn’t bothered me so far.

When I tried to synchronize today, I suddenly got an error message about Dropbox, the text of which I did not remember. When I checked the configuration, the URL to Nextcloud had disappeared, and the username and password were also empty.

Could a reinstallation help?
Should I install the 64bit apk from the website?

Android 8.0 on Huawei Mate 10 lite
Joplin 1.0.339, Database v33, last week updated from Google Playstore
Synchonization to Nextcloud 18.0.8 / Ubuntu 18.04.LTS running in VMware


I found this worked for me: Joplin Android App looses Nextcloud Sync settings


In my case it is the same behavior as StefanH described in
It happen out of a sudden and the save button appears if I change configuration or type in something.


I have updated to Joplin 1.0.340 (64bit).
The configuration, in this case the synchronization target, is currently retained.

However, I still had the problem with the current number of about 200 notes at synchronization last time it counted up to 713.
I remembered that there was an update for Joplin for Desktop to 1.0.245 (prod.Linux) last week. I made this update without checking the configuration. I looked up notes-history and saw, that it was activated. I unchecked it and now synchronization on the Joplin App works the way before the update.

I’ve learned to check the configuration after every update.

By the way, the synchronization of Joplin for Desktop has been really fast since the last update, which previously took minutes, now takes seconds. Thanks to the developers.