Joplin Android app freezing after upgrade to version 1.0.241

I was not sure, but decided to write this under the Support category instead of News.

Android app has worked and synced quite slowly for the couple of months I’ve been using Joplin. But worked, nevertheless.

Now, after the latest release, Joplin on Android became unusable. Opens up, but does not respond to touch, nor syncs properly/at all.

I have a couple of resources bigger than 10 MB. These notwithstanding, the app has been working previously. Only now the problems have arisen.

Android Pie, Google Pixel. Hoping there’s some avail in sight, already.

Do you know what version you were using before this one?

Unfortunately not. But have done my best to always grab an update as soon as it has been available. So, assume it was the penultimate version.

Actually the latest android version is 1.0.241. Can you confirm that’s what you’re using?


For the time being is there a way to go back to the previous version?