Joplin on android - freezes

DISCLAIMER. I do appreciate the application and all the work that was done by developers. For that do accept my deepest gratitude as I at least found an instrument for my everyday life and work which is not bound to any "free" service or whatever.
Thank you.

Phone: Samsung J7; 2G RAM, 1.26 in use.
OS: Android 7.0, custom build (no bloatware), kernel 3.18.14;
App: Joplin v.1.3.13;
Location: Planet Earth.


  1. In previous versions: I sync notes, I open synced note, blank note screen (no controls, back button doesn't respond). Period.
    1.1. I kill app, I restart app, bold chance to open this note.
  2. In current version (last 2-3 I think).
    2.1. Start app - OK [C0% - CPU used, R1.26/2G RAM used]
    2.2. Open side menu and sync - OK
    2.3. Open initial note (with links to another important notes) - "back arrow and white screen beneath). Back arrow unresponsive [1.46/2]
    2.4. System suggests wait for it or close app.

3.1. Sys empty [C0%, R1.34/2]
3.2. App start [C0%, R1.46/2]
3.3. Open note, minor CPU load 4%, RAM usage the same;
In process list Joplin is in the bottom of active process with 0% and 374MB RAM used.

If there are any other metrics I can provide?

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Anything interesting in the system log? (

I'll check it out.

I got 20MB bug report with pretty much any possible information and metric that android phone can give, aka "haystack".
Is there anything specific I should look for? Maybe there are some guidelines?

Something like this

10-12 12:02:43.834 32723 32765 E AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: pool-4-thread-1
10-12 12:02:43.834 32723 32765 E AndroidRuntime: Process:, PID: 32723
10-12 12:02:43.834 32723 32765 E AndroidRuntime: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=4; index=4

Updated to new version. No more freezes so far.
Thank you.

That was a really good idea, when did it occur to you ? (excuses ;))
More seriously, when I read "OS: Android 7.0, custom build (no bloatware), kernel 3.18.14;" I was wondering ... and what if this isn't a Joplin problem ?

Kso... I guess I found the reason of those freezes!
It was very simple. Every time I launch app it starts sync with webdav, so I can not access post contents until sync is over (which is logical DB lockwize).

I thing it would be nice to add JoplinSync icon to system tray while sync is going on to avoid confusion.