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Joplin and sharing news on Mastodon, Twitter, Telegram, Discord


As you may know, Joplin is already on Twitter and now since a few hours on Mastodon too

Thus we will be able to share the news of the project on those 2 networks with our users

Previously you have discovered a group page on Facebook dedicated to the project on the post Other social media

I would like to take this opportunity to thank again everyone on those networks, with their privates messages they sent.:heart:

Have Fun and Enjoy :wink:


Reddit will part of that process too :wink: as we discussed here Introducing the newly created r/JoplinApp subreddit on Reddit - #7 by sciurius

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you can exchange with us on that new channel too.

You can join the live community on the JoplinApp discord server to get help with Joplin or to discuss anything Joplin related.

It is recommended to create a group on telegram to discuss joplin and other features.

t.me/joplinapp_chat group has been created

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