Introducing the newly created r/JoplinApp subreddit on Reddit

Hello community. If you like using Reddit, a few days ago Laurent created the r/JoplinApp subreddit. Since many other note taking applications like Evernote, Standard Notes, Simple Note, and Turtl have their own subreddits, we thought Joplin could use its own presence on Reddit as well. FYI, I actually created r/JoplinNotes first, but Laurent decided to make r/JoplinApp instead since it would be consistent with the official website.

If anyone is interested in helping moderate the sub, please let us know.

BTW Laurent, if you want to send me a mod invite, that would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks for your attention.

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Nice. Any plans on how it should work with the forum? Do you intend to post links to forum topics to reddit? Or just leave it completely separate?

I think we’ll start out fairly lenient about what kind of Joplin related content gets posted. Maybe in the future all support issues here or to the GitHub page and reserve the sub for update announcements and discussion. That’s just my opinion.

Support issues should be posted in the forum. Feature requests should also be discussed in the forum first.
I’d like to keep the gh bug tracker for (confirmed) bugs and accepted feature requests.

I’m not an avid user of reddit thus I have no suggestions for content there.

P.S.: I can’t speak for @laurent, but I believe he also expressed a similar workflow.

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Thanks for looking into this @rtevans. I agree we don’t need to worry too much about the scope of the subreddit for now, as long as it’s about Joplin it’s fine. Not everybody has a GitHub account or want to register on the forum, while they might have a Reddit account so that’s good if we have a sub.

I’ve added you as admin on the sub so feel fee to improve the setup if you want, description, etc. I guess we could post the news from Patreon on it as it could be an additional place to discuss them.

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Thanks @laurent. I’ve accepted the invite. I’ll copy and paste over everything from r/JoplinNotes and see if I can network with other subs to promote r/JoplinApp.

Personally I would prefer the discussions to take place centrally since I have no plans nor time to join all kinds of alternative locations.

@laurent really appreciate you for making joplin presence on Reddit!!!
Do send me the invite.

would you like to see the news from the forum, posted on the r/JoplinApp ? (it’s something that could be implemented with , the same way we did for mastodon)

Sure, that would be great.

done Reddit now supported · foxmask/yeoboseyo@3ea4eff · GitHub :wink:
and a test posted on r/test

Thanks :slight_smile: I'm interested to see how this turns out.