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Other social media


I’m not shure if its Ok, but I can’t find a Facebook Group about Joplin so I made one.


Maybe somebody is more into social media and not so much the Forum-Type so I thought it would be good to have several more communication-chanels. Enjoy.

Downside is that communications get scattered over several channels…

I’m not a fan of social media and I don’t even have a facebook account. Maybe I’m the odd one out in this regard.

However, I agree with @sciurius that a single source of information usually works best. We already have some sort of disparity by using github and a forum, but the forum should be the first place to go. It’s easier for most people to search here and look for pinned topics than it is on github. Also, most people don’t bother to search closed issues on github. Adding an additional channel seems counterproductive.

I completely agree with @tessus and @sciurius. I do have a facebook, but why would I inflict that on myself when we have a beautiful forum that even has markdown writing and a dark skin... :smiley:

Of course, go ahead if it helps anyone. I'd be interested to see if some of the devs or people who actually know anything about Joplin to participate there (because if not, it may end up as a place where people just go to get confused and put off.)

Let's see.