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Yeoboseyo - The bus 🚌 for your internet services

I made a new companion for Joplin which allow us to create notes from a RSS Feeds (link Jong I made alread) PLUS others possibilities, like publishing the same RSS Feeds on another service, like Mastodon.

The project is very new, but we can imagine to make a lot of things from here like writting a note and creating online blog post, publish a mastodon “toot” and so on. There could be as many possibilities as it exists API from many services.

For the little story, Yeoboseyo means “Hello” in Korean, each service says hello in its own way to the other(s) one(s) :wink:

It’s in Python (3.6) and use async everywhere

feedback, test, contrib are all welcome like everything I made :wink:

nota: this project overcomes jong I made Jong - JOplin Note Generator / Django w/ VueJS
as Jong only read feeds and create note, which Yeoboseyo does also while being light and just as fast


the evening I just added Reddit to the supported services list

Any chance to make that available activity feed of so often mentioned nextcloud?

I didn’t understand the question