Yeoboseyo - The bus 🚌 for your internet services

I made a new companion for Joplin which allow us to create notes from a RSS Feeds (link Jong I made alread) PLUS others possibilities, like publishing the same RSS Feeds on another service, like Mastodon.

The project is very new, but we can imagine to make a lot of things from here like writting a note and creating online blog post, publish a mastodon "toot" and so on. There could be as many possibilities as it exists API from many services.

For the little story, Yeoboseyo means "Hello" in Korean, each service says hello in its own way to the other(s) one(s) :wink:

It's in Python (3.6) and use async everywhere

feedback, test, contrib are all welcome like everything I made :wink:

nota: this project overcomes jong I made Jong - JOplin Note Generator / Django w/ VueJS
as Jong only read feeds and create note, which Yeoboseyo does also while being light and just as fast


the evening I just added Reddit to the supported services list

Any chance to make that available activity feed of so often mentioned nextcloud?

I didn’t understand the question

there are two things in regard to RSS and Nextcloud
The Activity App (news feed) can be read via RSS

Screenshot Activity App


and RSS can be read via the News App.

Screenshot RSS App

It would be nice if the efforts of Yeoboseyo could be made use of it, means the NC RSS feed creates notes (but there must be a way to filter it) and provide all feeds in an RSS to make it available in the News App.

Are you going to integrate discourse as well? So a bookmarked or liked post could be converted in a note automatically?

if I understand well you want to

  1. create note from the NC RSS feed
  2. generate RSS from Joplin notes that could be read from the News App ?

if so ; the first is already possible, not the second. This need to be done. the project could generate a RSS URL Feed like http://localhost:8001/lastnotes

Can you filter the feed?

Would be great

Filter how Excluding? Including? Both?

Both would probably more convenient.

Otherwise there is a risk that notes with unimportant content are created.

An example would be the feed of a discourse feed. Only the post I like or bookmark shall be added as note, otherwise it will be flooded by notes

can you give an use case of filters?

Take this conversation.
I can subscribe to it via its RSS feed but that would create a lot of useless notes.
Only post with a minimum of likes or bookmarked ones shall be converted into a note.

it has nothing to do with the RSS but with the discourse API itlself which provides the RSS
As the RSS format itself does not know β€œlike” or every status of each post.
So the filtering process has to be handled during the discourse API request i suppose
So right now, nothing is possible to filter RSS in that case.

It is just an example for illustrative purposes.
Filter need to be applied on whatever metadata is available in the RSS feed.

@CalebJohn as you seemed to be the only one using that project :wink: I'll give a try to the new released today :slight_smile:

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If you would like to see another β€œservices” to be supported, let me know here or drop an issue here

Hi there

I tried the app but could not get an install to work. It ran through the stages but the Web UI threw an error that the markdown directory was not set.

Any ideas?


I've rewritten the front with VueJS

You can enter a search string in case you'd have toooooooo many sources :wink:

I was using Yeoboseyo to feed my Joplin with RSS.
Now I was going to update Yeoboseyo for the first time in a long time.
It seems Joplin is no longer supported by Yeoboseyo.
@foxmask do you know if there is a reason why joplin is no longer supported?

yes there are reasons

1 - i don't use joplin at all
2 - the api is outdated, so why maintening something broken and keeping dead code ?

so 2 solutions, continuing using GitHub - foxmask/yeoboseyo: The bus for your internet services (made w/ Starlette) which won't move anymore and improve the Python API I made for it GitHub - foxmask/joplin-api: Joplin API to be able to "talk" with joplin

or fork Annyong / yeoboseyo Β· GitLab and provide a yeoboseyo "service" for joplin and find a Python API (if one still exists)


If you dont me asking... Are you using anything else for note taking if you're not using Joplin? Just asking cause you were pretty active doing a lot of good stuff with joplin