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I noticed that there is a Twitter link at the top of the main page, but none for Mastodon, although there does seem to be an official Mastodon account ( that a wave has spilled into the Fediverse, couldn't we also promote this instance and maybe make it a bit more active (last post almost 5 months ago)?

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We mostly want to focus on Twitter because that's were people are. I was posting from time to time on Mastodon but was getting exactly zero reactions or mentions there, unlike on Twitter where we regularly get mentioned and get reactions.

We probably aren't going to promote the feed at this point, but maybe we could have a script that automatically posts to it the Twitter feed.

The times have changed, people are active there now...a script would be good to try it out without having lots of trouble

Edit: I mean 743 followers are quite a lot if you ask me


I little bit more...

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This bot looks pretty simple and only requires nodejs and api keys to work.


Well even better :smiley: For whatever reason, Tusky shows less

Depends on your instance, I think. Tusky shows 743 for me.

Of course, part of the point of the fediverse is leaving the whole "must have many followers!" thing behind. You'll have followers, which may or may not show a whole lot of interaction, plenty of folks just lurk, plenty of folks didn't see your post because they were sleeping and there's no algorithm to artificially boost things. And that's OK.

Hmm, if what you're saying is that it's fine to just post even if nobody's reading, then I don't quite agree. It takes time to post stuff to various social networks so we need to know whether it's reaching someone. Unfortunately, as of now, I have no indication that Mastodon is an effective way to share news and interact with the community, that's why I'd favour Twitter or Discord for instance.

I'm pretty sure that out of the >700 people, some would interact if a community could be formed there. This is where the problem comes in: How did people find out about the Twitter and Discord accounts? I guess through links on the homepage or here in the forum. That is, as long as the platform is not served, no community can develop (or at least that is very unlikely). To be fair, you already tried it once, but as I said: times have changed...if you still don't want to try it again, which would also be understandable because of the wasted time if the experiment fails, that wouldn't be the end of the world, but still a pity...

Sharing news, definitely. I use masto partly to keep up to date with the projects that have a presence there (Nextcloud, Bitwarden, FSF, some EU related stuff). As for interacting, that kind of depends on what you want/need out of it. I understand that you only have so many hours in a day, so we can't expect you to spend hours and hours on several networks.

As others have pointed out, an RSS to toot bot might be a start, I'd advice against blindly forwarding tweets, though. Plenty of folks specifically don't want anything to do with "birdsite".

As one of the 743, I'd love to help grow awareness by boosting and where useful, replying to posts, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But I understand that it might be a bit difficult to justify spending time on a platform if you can't "see" if it pays off (it usually does, but there's simply not the analytics and so on that Twitter and others offer, by design).

As @MrKanister already said: it helps if people know about it, so do add that masto link to the social network bits. :wink: