Joplin adds NBSP symbols when copy/paste

I copy code from the markdown mode area and paste it to phpStorm and it adds many NBSP symbols.
If I copy from usual mode (not markdown) the code is pasted correctly. But it is not convenient to copy the code by using mouse.
Is there a way to remove the NBSP symbols?

Can you share the note in .jex format?

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borders.jex (3 KB)

welp, yeah, your code contains non breaking spaces: if you replace them by (i.e. type in) tabs or regular spaces, it pastes just fine.

It's probably the weirdness of the source where you copied the code from i.e. not Joplin's bug

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Hello graphit0, thanks for the answer. You are right I create a new note and paste code from phpstorm there are no NBSP symbols.

This note was imported from evernote. All my notes were imported from evennote. All of them have NBSP issue. And I have around 1000 notes, and don't want to fix all of them.

But anyway, thanks for your help.

Okay, got it

Just an FYI about the resources for replacing a string in all notes:

VSCode plugin that has additional functionality:

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In addition, you don't need to export and import again, you can directly use the online tool to replace them all, refer to: Joplin Batch


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